ZO Skin Health

Elevate Your Skincare With The Power Of Science

As Dr Zein Obagi Famously Said
“If You Want To Feel Good,
Have A Martini...Real Skin Health Takes Work”

ZO® SKIN HEALTH, developed by world-renowned dermatologist Dr. Zein Obagi pushes the boundaries of medical-grade skincare. Combining a 3 Step Approach to skincare, powerful technologies and product education, ZO® challenges you to challenge your perceptions of traditional skincare.

ZO® provides a comprehensive approach to creating and maintaining healthy skin for anyone, regardless of age, ethnicity, unique skin condition or skin type. From correcting sun damage and  pigmentation to preventing new damage and protecting against future damage, ZO® has your skin health covered.

How is ZO® different to traditional skin care

  • Anti-inflammatory technology to mitigate chronic inflammation, which is a common cause of treatment intolerance, failure and sensitivity
  • Has redness reducing agents
  • Improves Skin barrier function, strengthening and repair to increase skin’s tolerance and resistance to damaging factors
  • Encourages cellular stimulation and stabilization to keep skin functioning at optimal levels, utilizing a variety of technologies: Vitamin A, peptides, plant and enzymatically derived growth factors and biomimetic proteins
  • Unique ability to hydrate and calm without the damage caused by traditional moisturizers
  • Multiple antioxidants to synergistically protect the skin
  • ZO® Triple-Spectrum Protection®: UVA/UVB, High-Energy Visible (HEV) Light and IR-A protect
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