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Dental Treatment Fees

Price List:

New Patient Examination: £87.00 (includes as many intra-oral x-rays as needed)

Examination: £56.00

Child Examination : Under 5 years: free* Over 5 years: £24.00

Hygiene Therapy (30 mins): £68.00

Hygiene Therapy (45 Mins): £99.00

Fissure Sealants:  £22

Root Canal Treatment: 

Incisor:£550    Premolar: £650  Molar £750

Additional £150 fee for re- treatments

Additional £300 fee for removal of crowns, posts, fractured instruments/canal obstructions, placement of core materials, temporary crowns

For private patients, our Root Canal Treatments are carried out by a dentist with a special interest in endodontics.

Root planing : £135 per quadrant

Glass Ionomer fillings: From £127.00

Composite (Tooth-Coloured) Fillings: From £149.00

Routine Extraction: £170.00

Surgical Extraction: £295.00

Extraction with Implantologist: £259

Teeth whitening : At Home: £327.00 In Surgery: £527(inlcudes home whitening)

Dentures: From £500 quoted per case

Crowns: From £499 quoted per case

Bridges: From £575 quoted per case


Implant consultation: £150

Implant fixture and crown: From £2500 quoted per case

Invisalign: £2350 single arch, £3150 double arch (prices may vary depending on case)

*one or more parent must be registered at the practice