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Dental Implants in Thames Ditton

Dental Implants – the next best thing to your natural teeth

Dental implants can be used to support single crowns, multiple tooth bridges or full dentures. The aesthetic and functional results are generally better than loose prostheses. When properly looked after, implant-supported dental restorations can last a lifetime.

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Why choose Dental Implants?

Having dental implants can provide you with many benefits, particularly if you have removable replacement teeth. Dental implants can provide you with teeth that look and feel like your own, improving things such as your speech and overall comfort. It is much easier to eat, with the disappearance of pain and discomfort. The permanent and fixed technique aids your confidence and self-esteem, as you have no worry of anything becoming loose or falling out. Most importantly, it improves your oral health.

A dental implant is a titanium metal rod used to replace lost or failing tooth roots. Implant-supported false teeth overcome the inconvenience and discomfort of loose dentures. With implants, there’s no need to damage adjacent healthy teeth to attach a bridge. Continuing to use the underlying bone reduces resorption, which can cause later problems. Patients who have benefited from dental implant treatment are normally very enthusiastic about the results.

Dental Implants generally involve different stages. At first, you will need your implant put in place into your jaw, which is often a one or two-stage procedure. Once the implant is in place, it will take time for the surrounding bone to fuse with the new implant. This can take as little as six weeks, or as long as six months. With your bone satisfactorily fused to the new implant, the construction and fitting of your crown or bridge can commence.

The Implant Journey at Weston Cottage:

Initial consultation with our dentist. The dentist that will place your implants will carry out this consultation. He will carry out a thorough assessment to check your entire mouth, soft tissues, bite, fillings etc so that he can assess suitability and plan your case for the best outcome. He will discuss all the pros, cons, appointments and costs involved specific to your case allowing you to make an informed decision. Following the consultation, a detailed summary of the consultation, clinical findings and if suitable, a proposed treatment plan will be sent to you. This treatment plan will show the number and time line of appointments and the costs involved at each stage. We also offer 0% finance options so do speak to your dentist if this is something or interest.

Imaging: If you are suitable for a dental implant, and you decide to go ahead with treatment, we will arrange for you to have a CT (CBCT) scan of the area to be treated. This gives your dentist a more accurate image to assess the quality and quantity of the bone in which the implant is to be placed. If the quality of bone is insufficient, an additional stage may be needed where bone restoration surgery is required prior to the implant placement stage

Surgical/Implant Placement: Using the CBCT scan, and after thorough planning, the dentist will carefully place a titanium implant into the bone under the gum.

Osseointegration: This is the time during which the implant is left under the gum to allow it to ‘fuse’ to the bone. It can be anything between a few weeks and several months depending on the case

Restoration: This is when the top part of the implant is restored with a crown, bridge or implant. For a single crown, a minimum of two appointments is needed and for a more complex procedure like an implant denture, 4-6 appointments may be needed.

Maintenance and long term care: Implant treatment does not just stop there! Regular check up and hygiene appointments are imperative to ensure the long term success of treatment

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