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Dental Hygiene

Dental hygiene appointments are extremely beneficial when it comes to the health of your gums, and our team of highly qualified hygienists at Weston Cottage Dental ensure your experience is dealt with a gentle, yet efficient approach. During a dental hygiene appointment, the effectiveness of your cleaning routine will be assessed, and whether or not you are experiencing signs of gum disease.

We offer a team of experts when it comes to gum health, something that is extremely important if you are suffering from gum disease and need appropriate treatment. They are able to gently remove hardened plaque that has built-up over time and cannot be removed with a toothbrush. Along with this, demonstrations on how to brush effectively in order to avoid gum irritation will be provided, as well as tips on flossing in addition to your regular brushing. Our brilliant hygienists are also able to help you understand gum disease, and advise you on the actions to take if they happen to become infected. Ensuring you feel prepared to deal with your personal dental hygiene at home.

All appointments our tailored to your own individual needs, depending on the condition of your gums. Each patient will receive adequate information, independently relevant to them, in order to ensure the best consistent and sustained gum health possible. Our qualified team are happy to answer any questions you may have, if you still feel unsure on the actions you should be taking to ensure your dental hygiene is maintained well.