Straighter teeth with Invisalign

Whatever your age you don't have to put up with crooked teeth! If you have always wanted straighter teeth, at Weston Cottage Dental Practice we are now able to offer you adult orthodontics with clear braces to straighten your teeth.

And, it doesn't involve the 'train tracks' or wires that you probably remember from childhood! It is now possible to straighten teeth using clear, custom-made, virtually undetectable aligners.

Once it is decided that this is the right treatment for you, we will write a comprehensive treatment plan. Using the latest 3-D computer technology, Invisalign produce a series of precisely customised aligners or braces. You then wear each set for around two weeks and they gradually move your teeth - millimetre by millimetre - until the desired result: straighter teeth.

Q. How long does this treatment take?

A. The duration will depend upon each individual case but the average is about 12 months.

Q. How often will I have to wear my aligners?

A. The aligners should be worn day and night but can be removed to eat and to brush and floss your teeth.

Q. How do I get started?

A. Contact Us today and make an appointment for your consultation.

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