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Children’s Dentistry

At Weston Cottage Dental, we offer dental check-ups and treatment for all children. Our highly trained team take care when dealing with young patients, focusing on making them feel comfortable and safe within our environment. We want visiting the dentist to be a positive experience for children and this is most easily achieved by bringing children in for regular visits from an early age. For our young patients we provide fissure sealants which are plastic coatings painted onto the grooves of the back teeth. This protective layer helps to prevent decay from food or bacteria getting stuck in the small grooves of a tooth. It is a quick and easy treatment that has no reason to be stressful or upsetting for children. We also offer fluoride varnishes, giving a child’s set of teeth that extra bit of protection against decay when used with regular brushing. A gel is applied to the teeth using a soft brush, which sets quickly and has a fruity smell and enjoyable taste. We also have the facilities to provide children’s sports guards; a service which enables your child to receive high quality and secure mouth protection when playing sport. Our guards cushion any contact to the mouth that may occur during a contact-sport, minimizing the risk of chipped teeth or soft tissue injuries of the mouth.

Our child friendly hygiene appointments  provide tips on how to improve your child’s oral hygiene. Carried out by our gentle and friendly hygienists who will also discuss your child’s diet and the effects it may be having on their oral health.